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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is TransferTo?
TransferTo is a prepaid mobile phone recharging service provider that allows you to add prepaid credit to a prepaid mobile phone from 350+ different carriers in 100+ countries.
Do I have to create an account to use this service?
Yes, you need to be registered before using the service. But don't worry the process is really simple.
How do I create an account ?
Sign in to create a username and password on Upon sign in you will receive a text message to verify with a PIN afterwhich your account will be set-up.
How do I top up a phone in a different country?
Once you have successfully created an account, enter the mobile phone number to top-up, choose the amount to top up and you’re all set!
What countries does TransferTo serve?
We serve more than 300 countries from all over the world. Find the full list here. Countries in which an International Mobile Top-Ups operator is present appear in red.
Can I send top-up from any country?
Yes, but take in consideration that we perform fraud tests taking into account your IP address and other factors.


What is top up?
Top up is the credit that you can load on a mobile phone number for airtime credit.
Can I send top-up/credit to any phone number?
A top up can be made to any prepaid phone number which is part of the carriers that TransferTo supports (find list here).
What will happen if I try to top-up a phone number that is not supported?
The transaction will be declined.
How much credit can I send?
Once you enter the phone number you want to send credit to, you will be prompted to choose for credit value based on the mobile provider. Please note vales may differ by the mobile carrier.
Is there a limit on the credit I can send?
Yes, for security reasons there is a limit on the credit you can send per day, per week and per month. We will monitor each transaction closely. Yes, in order to avoid fraud we have.
How do I know if the credit has been received by my recipient?
The recipient will receive an SMS with the amount credited to their account and a message from you if you wish.
How long does it take to send credit to my recipient?
Once the transaction has been processed, the credit is sent right away to your recipient. He or she will receive a confirmation SMS.
Why have I received a message stating that transaction processing can take up to 24hrs?
The first time you are using the service, an account verification process might be needed and that can take up to 24hrs. The next time you use the service the phone will be credited in just a few minutes.
I sent credit to a wrong number by mistake, can I cancel the transaction?
No, you cannot cancel the transaction as the credit is sent right away to the mobile phone number you provided.
What can I do if my recipient doesn’t receive the credit on his account?
You can reach our customer service via the contact link of this website.


How can I pay for the mobile top up?
Pay using your VISA or MASTERCARD credit card.
What are the different currencies you support?
We support USD only.
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